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*If you would like to use the F/o banner in your journal, Please comment and let me know*
F/O Banner made by:[personal profile] beach_baby  which is me! 
R.I.P ESTELLE GETTY 1923-2008  you will always be missed.
R.I.P BEA ARTHUR 1922-2009 one of a kind, you'll never be forgotten. 
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I just wanted to let everyone know, i will NOT be adding anyone for a while on here. I've been seeing some peoples accounts being Hacked. So no one will be added. The people here will be staying of course.
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Sorry, this is my first cut. And i'm only doing this because i open my friends list up and see so many entries that i have no clue about, and people i don't remember.

If you do want to stay, i will let you. I know sometimes people get cut who don't want to and i understand that. If you don't comment at all than you will probably get cut. ware everyone!
EDIT: not saying you MUST comment, just saying leave a comment here and there.

The following is cut:
[ profile] her_inanition 
[ profile] iamnayeli 
[ profile] inktip 
[ profile] itsarush 
[ profile] nothere_notme 
[ profile] spacequeenie 
[ profile] aka_hateraid 

I think thats all...

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